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Feeling of Failure

The market crash in 2009 caused me to lose my multi-million dollar business.

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I Was Depressed

The bank repossessed my home and car, and I was unable to secure any jobs or bank loans, leaving me with $65,000 in debt. I felt lost, emotionally drained, and plagued with fear, doubt, anger, depression, and confusion about my purpose

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Discovery To New Thinking

For the next three years, I sought the guidance of a professional mindset and Zen master, who helped me practice mindfulness and manage my emotions."

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Discovered my new purpose

In 2012, I discovered my purpose and established a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting underprivileged youth and parents in the community. For the following eight years, I focused on this mission

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Applying the lessons I learned from my Zen practice, I utilized Meditation to gain insight into my thoughts, consciousness, and mind.

This practice not only helped me achieve a state of calm but also enabled me to master my emotions and thoughts, allowing me to overcome negativity and gain clarity, confidence, and focus in my life.

Additionally, I found that the benefits of compassion, often associated with Buddhist monks, extended to all my relationships and significantly improved them.

Mindfulness, in particular, has proven to be a valuable tool for achieving happiness and success in all aspects of my life and has helped me to find fulfillment in my personal and professional endeavors.

Having coached individuals from all walks of life, including parents, youth, CEOs, coaches, and entrepreneurs, I have helped them understand the connection between their thoughts and emotions and guided them toward achieving a sense of calm, enjoyment, meaning, and purpose in their lives.

By focusing on mental wellness and promoting self-understanding, I empower my clients to transform their self-perception, gain confidence, and find their unique purpose in life.


For over ten years, I have practiced Zen Meditation and understanding how Thoughts and emotions works.  I owe everything to the practice.

Whether you want to work on managing negative emotions, finding meaning, building a happier relationship with yourself, developing self-confidence, and overcoming your fears of failure. Tools I learned do work.

My vision

By understanding how thought creates emotions that drive your action, you can also gain mastery over your mind, which is the most powerful tool in the world. My goal is to provide you with understanding, greater accessibility, relevance, and practicality in relation to the Thought,Consciouness and Mind.

I can't make your problems disappear

But I can share with you the tools and understanding to overcome them

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